Graphic designer with a passion for illustration. Not a very exciting story isn't it. Well if you honestly have even found yourself on an 'Aboutsection - and let's face it - there are only two reasons: 1) you are here by a mistake; or 2) you are nosy... Well, Nosy - this one is for you:


I have always been quite fascinated by the detail in nature. I think it all started when I was assigned my first pair of glasses. I had no idea that my eyesight was any different from the other kids in school. I remember the first day wearing new spectacles in a classroom with ancient trees growing just outside the window. I could not believe what I was seeing. These trees turned out not to be just a green, bushy blur but rather a very complex structure consisting of leaves and branches... I was amazed.


End of story, I got glasses, started seeing things, went to an art school, followed by an artsy university in London and now we are here. 

Honestly, I have seen the page statistics - only 0.1 out of 10 users visits this section - if you are one of those properly raised, "About" section readers - send me a unicorn emoji on my instagram @meet_santa and let's complain about internet, TikTok and other nonsense that we secretly wish we could keep up with.