• LANA

    Drawn on iPad Pro using the Procreate app.


    Paper options:


    - 220gsm Satin photo paper

    - 350gsm Giclee Fine-Art paper (My personal fav, matt print, bold vivid colours - for those seeking a truly luxury feel.)


    Word of advice - if you intend to put the artwork in a frame behind the glass - there is no visible difference between these two paper options. 


    If you are planning to go glass-free: 


    - Satin photo paper will be a bit more reflective on certain angles, especially if placed right next to the window or a lamp, and forget about flash photography 😒

    - Fine-art paper is perfect for going glass-free and/or bigger size as it absorbs light making no reflections, is deep matt and colours look especially bold. Flash photography approved. 



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    Frame is not included

    Limited Edition